Nyepi (from the word Sepi = silence) is a day reserved for self-reflection and as such, anything that might interfere with that purpose is restricted. The main restrictions are: no lighting fires (and lights must be kept low) no working; no entertainment or pleasure; no traveling; and for some, no talking or eating at all.

The effect of these prohibitions is that Balis usually bustling streets and roads are empty, there is little or no noise from TVs and radios, and few signs of activity are seen even inside homes. The only people to be seen outdoors are the Pecalang, traditional security men who patrol the streets to ensure the prohibitions are being followed. Although Nyepi is primarily a Hindu holiday, non-Hindu residents of Bali observe the day of silence as well, out of respect for their fellow citizens.

Tourists are not exempt; although free to do as they wish inside the hotels, no one is allowed onto the beaches or streets or to go on tours, and the only airport in Bali remains closed for the entire day. The only exceptions granted are for emergency vehicles carrying those with life-threatening conditions and women about to give birth. On the day after Nyepi, known as Ngembak Geni, social activity picks up again quickly, as families and friends gather to ask forgiveness from one another, and to perform certain religious rituals together.

Notification: All public facilities outside the hotel will be closed.


  • Guests must stay inside our hotel for the duration of Nyepi Day (06.00 am on 23rd March 2012 06.00 am on 24th March 2012), and have full access to the hotel lobby areas, Minimart, Es Teller 77 cafe & Well Being Spa (Tune Hotel – Double Six, Legian only)
  • Guests are required to minimize noise levels throughout the day.
  • Guests will only be allowed to buy foods inside the hotel: Minimart & Es Teler 77 (Tune Hotel – Double Six, Legian only)
  • Guests will be able to enjoy spa treatments at Well Being Spa (Tune Hotel – Double Six, Legian only)
  • It is recommended that guests prepare in-room entertainment (books, iPods, iPads, portable DVDs etc) and snacks ahead of Nyepi Day.



  • No traveling outside hotel.
  • No noise.


Special conditions:

  • Exceptions granted only for emergency trips to the hospital.